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Thursday, September 6, 2007
Cecil Whig |
LETTER: Group that Built Ramp Thanked

From: Lois Sexton Tweed, Rising Sun

On April 27, a group from the Christmas in April program came to my house to build a handicapped ramp for my son, David (Mickey).

Mickey was in Christiana Hospital that day in the critical care unit. We had planned for him to sit on the deck and watch the ramp being built, but Mickey had a fall the week before putting him in the hospital. He suffered from muscular dystrophy and the last couple years he had to use a walker and wheelchair to get from place to place. He wore braces on his legs to help support his legs while walking.

We started the day by having prayer. The teens prayed that Mickey would soon be well and back home. This never happened. Mickey passed away on May 12 with his family by his side. He never got to see his new ramp, but I am sure he sees it from heaven. The ramp was built while I was at the hospital with Mickey.

Thank you, everyone, and God bless you.